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The ProfilesTM permit management system includes contractor licensing software and inspection tracking software, as well as user defined tables such as standard permit comments, zoning districts, council or police jury districts, employees.

The ProfilesTM interface is graphical... it is user friendly. This environment allows for a low training curve for employees. All complex functions are automated. This allows the user to concentrate on the accuracy and speed of issuing a permit in lieu of learning complex routines and functions typically associated with many municipal permitting systems.

ProfilesTM will allow the user to record all information necessary in the reporting, printing and analyzing of Building Permits, Electrical, Mechanical & Plumbing Permits, Occupancy Permits and Certificates of Occupancy as well as manage inspections and track contractor licensing. Finally, since this is a scalable / modular system, you need only to purchase the modules one requires to get started. As your facility grows, you may continue to add new modules thus further enhancing ProfilesTM

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The Contractor Database Module will track all licensed residential, mechanical, electrical and plumbing contractors and verify their insurance requirements and license expirations automatically before issuing a permit.

Mailing labels are easily obtained from the database for the purpose of mailing renewal certificates or other information necessary in the continued communication to the building community, of code changes or other clarifications.

The database system was written by a Building Official, someone who understands the problems inherent with the administration of a permit and inspection office and their interaction with planning departments.

Other modules are available to make the administration of your office easier. The Planning Module tracks all new plats and property improvements and works with the other modules of the database system. The Customer Service Module will track work orders or customer complaint phone calls. You may also create your own compliance letters and automatically track responses to such correspondence.

The system has three methods of tracking various types of permits; (1) Type of Permit, i.e., Residential, Commercial... (2) Standard/Uniform Building Code Classification of Occupancy and (3) the Federal Government definition of Proposed Use which can also issue US Census style reports.

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The system's scalable architecture can grow with your municipality. It may be modified to continuously suit the needs of your local government. Add additional modules to the system such as the Planning Module or the Municipal Street Numbering and Road Management Modules.

Track any additional permit attached to the property address with one button.

There is a complete selection of pre-formatted reports available. These reports can summarize totals on a daily, weekly, monthly, year-to-date or annual time tables. Interim date ranges may also be selected by the user. Contractor activity, permit activity or other parameters may also be selected and reported.

Use one type of paper. The paper used is pre-printed, mid-page-
perforated 8˝" x 11" stock. This allows the user to stock one paper for all building permits, contractor renewal certificates and supplemental (occupancy, electrical, plumbing mechanical, sign, etc.) permits.

Easily export your data to outside entities. The system base price allows for 2 predefined export queries (pre-selected searches which includes the data fields you wish to distribute or sell.)


Depending on your version of Profiles, several other components of the system are (a) User Editable or (b) Administrator Editable.

a) User Editable Tables:

  • Create or modify your political districts
  • Create or modify your zoning districts
  • Create or modify personnel data
  • Create  electrical, mechanical & plumbing fees
  • Create "canned" permit comments / notes
  • Create or modify contractor license sub-categories
  • Create or modify different types of inspections
  Note: All Profiles and Profiles SE fees are editable. Some local governments do not typically adopt building permit fees which can be easily placed in a table and are therefore encoded into the Profiles LE version.

b) Administrator Editable (password protected) components:

1. Modify contractor license requirements (insurance, bonds, state requirements, state licenses, etc.)

2. Globally modify the program header info (this information appears on reports, licenses and permits.) Global header data typically consists of a city / office name, address, department and phone numbers;

Automatic Conditional Issue, Approval Tags and Event Triggers

3. Modify the description of 12 building permit approval tags. Tags are approval requirements that you determine necessary for the correct issuing of the permit. If a tag box is clicked, a follow up date must be entered or a "Check Approvals" message will appear until the requirement is reconciled. Tags follow the permit process from review up to the issuing of the building permit.

4. Modify the conditions upon which to issue a permit. For example, you may elect to (or not to) issue a permit if the contractor license is invalid or a "hold" has been placed on the permit. Permits cannot be issued with such triggers activated. Profiles and Profiles SE have a default number of four event triggers.

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